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Apulian wedding: between superstition and tradition.

When we talk about Apulian weddings we cannot help but think of warmth, liveliness, cheerfulness and abundance. But characterizing our receptions, especially the more classic ones, are the folk customs.

Wedding traditions are not only about the day of the ceremony, but also about the days before and after it.

Let's find out some of them.

Invitation delivery:

Tradition dictates that invitations are delivered personally by the bride and groom-to-be to strengthen the relationship with the guests and to externalize their joy.

Apulian folk customs,Wedding invitations


The night before the reception, the groom, with friends and relatives, goes to the bride's house to sing love songs accompanied by musical instruments or simply a stereo/cassette player.

The serenade will involve the whole neighborhood, including music and dancing, all ending with a feast.

Wedding dress:

The bride's dress should not be placed on the bed for any reason, this will be a premonition of future misfortunes.

Leaving home:

As the bride leaves the house accompanied by her father, she will find a white ribbon in front of her that she must cut, a gesture that represents the physical separation from her family of origin and the beginning of her new life.


After the ceremony, the newlyweds will be accompanied by a festive motorcade that will festively draw all citizens.

It is claimed that the din of honking drives away evil and envious spirits from the couple.


The celebration is now over, and the bride and groom deliver wedding favors to thank their guests.

But that's not all...a classic Apulian custom calls for a tray of typical almond cakes to be delivered in addition to the wedding favors.


Apulia is definitely not known for simple ceremonies and short receptions.

The party will be a long one, including tasty banquets, dancing, entertainment and music, no doubt you will go home late at night

wedding celebrations

All these practices make us realize how unique the Apulian wedding is, rich in folklore and importance.

It really is true that "you only get married once"!

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