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Located in the heart of Bari, his salon is a favorite destination for brides seeking impeccable services and stunning hairstyles for their special day. Specializing in bridal looks, Nico Foggetti turns every consultation into a memorable and personalized experience.
The brainchild of Dario De Luca who is now joined by a team of professionals who can turn your event into a true work of art.
 The passion, synergy and care of heirs Mimmo and Franco Ursini, as well as the refined feminine presence of Maria Grazia, have made Bitritto-based Ursini Jewelry a flagship in the industry since 1991.
Apulia Sweet Events is not only an entertainment agency, but it represents a unique reality in Bari and throughout Southern Italy!
With the magic of images, Flavio Centrone brings love stories to life, creating films that narrate your big day!
Paolo Lorusso is not just an Apulian wedding photographer, but a true artist who manages to capture the magic of love through whimsical and distinctive shots.