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Tips for a low-cost wedding

Who said that planning the perfect wedding requires an exorbitant budget? It is often the case that a lot of money is spent on services that will later fail to meet the required needs, so why not opt for a low-cost wedding?

But, how to avoid wasting the budget?

Choosing what to save on is a big hurdle, so the ideal first move is to develop a list with our priorities. After determining the items that have absolute priority, we begin to see what and how you can save money on.


Drawing up the guest list is always a critical time.

It will be useless to invite relatives and friends whose faces we do not even remember, on that day by our side we will need only the people closest and dearest to us.


The right choice for saving paper and keeping up with the times.

We are talking about digital invitations that, just like paper invitations, will represent the style of our wedding, so there must be a careful graphic study.

Convenient and smart digital invitations can be sent via email, WhatsApp or even social.

Wedding Dresses

Yes, even on clothes it is possible to save money, and there are many solutions.

For the wedding dress we can, for example, opt for a rental dress that will be returned after the wedding; or, to halve the cost we could use a second-hand dress; or even a traditional family dress.

Even the groom can optimize expenses by simply choosing a suit that he will reuse for other occasions in the future.

low-cost wedding dresses

In this area, there are two major mistakes that can be made:

relying on inexperienced people believing they will save money; and not interfacing with as many providers as possible while evaluating the best service at a cheaper price.

Decorations and favors

Small tip to save money but also personalize the reception is to create handmade decorations or favors for our guests

Photo album

It must be admitted that, unfortunately, few people now stop to flip through a photo album to relive certain moments, between work and various commitments taking a break is difficult.

But by having only the digital format of our photos sent to us, it will only take one "click" and we will relive the emotions we experienced that day.

Therefore, we can reconfirm that to achieve our ideal wedding we will not need abundance and exaggeration, but on the contrary, we will be able to fulfill our wishes and satisfy small pleasures even while having an eye on the budget.Just follow these small tips and our low-cost wedding will be perfect in every detail.

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